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Clean bird droppings and protect your car’s finish

Remove_bird_poop_from_carHas this happened to you? You find a great parking stall, but when you get back, you find that a bird or two has left a calling card on your car. Removing bird droppings can seem to be a pain, especially when you’ve got places to go and things to do. It might seem easier to simply make a mental note to clean it later when you have time. Trust me, it’s a much better idea to take care of it right away.

3 reasons to clean it quick

Appearance – The splatter looks bad on the vehicle and worse, it can reflect badly on you. Can you imagine rolling into a job interview or client meeting with those splotches of poop on your hood?

Prevent Damage – Beyond embarrassment, the bird droppings can permanently stain your paint. They contain acids, seeds and other elements that will erode any protective coating and damage the paint on your car when left on the surface. This can be very costly to correct and may even require expensive repainting if left on for too long.

Convenience – The old way of removing a bird stain often involves softening the spot with water before cleaning it up. This is a problem when a water source is not easily accessible and it’s not the quickest or best way to clean it up, anyway. With the proper supplies at hand, removing new bird droppings and protecting your car can be done very quickly and safely…without water!

Rapid removal steps

An experienced car detailer shared this insight on how to remove bird droppings quickly, easily, and cleanly. The method uses waterless car wash products, microfiber towels, and a paper towel. The two products used here are the Leather & Vinyl Treatment and Ultra-Ion Waterless Car Wash & Protective Glaze by Dri Wash ‘n Guard, standard microfiber towels from Costco, and a thick paper towel sheet like Bounty. Keep in mind that there may be other waterless product brands and options available, but this works wonders.

Break it down

Bird poop tends to adhere quickly to the car’s surface so the first step is to break down each spot before attempting to take it up. The Dri Wash Leather & Vinyl Treatment helps emulsify and break down the bird poop, making removal easier. Start by spraying the affected area, making sure to completely cover each spot. Let it sit for about 10-15 seconds. Leave it on longer for older stains and problem areas.

Dab it off

When the spots are sufficiently saturated, take a paper towel and carefully dab the visible material onto the napkin. Be careful not to scratch the coating or paint with the a hard wiping motion. Bird droppings often contain abrasive particles, including seeds and very small pebbles that the creature may have ingested. Dispose of the paper towel and you should have a car free of those unsightly spots and clean hands as a bonus. To complete the job, clean the affected areas as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your paint caused by bird spatter.

Protect the surface

Once you have removed all the bird poop you can see, the final step is to finish and protect the painted surface. This is the easy step! The Dri Wash Ultra-Ion Waterless Car Wash will clean, seal, polish and protect the painted non-porous surface for you. Just spray it on, clean and wipe that area with a microfiber towel. Let it haze for a few seconds and then buff the surface with a clean area of your microfiber towel. Give yourself a high-five. Your vehicle’s surface is now clean, sealed, polished, and protected.

Best Advice: Be Prepared

Bird droppings are dirty, harmful, and worse, they can be unpredictable. But you can be ready.

Keep supplies handy

You want to be ready as soon as you see the splatter on your car. Waterless detailers often recommend carrying a small kit of cleaning tools in your vehicle. Your kit should include your waterless products, a pair of microfiber towels, a roll of paper towels, and wipes and sanitizer for your hands. This can all fit in a container the size of a shoebox, and can be conveniently stored until you need to clean and protect your vehicle.

Check and polish regularly

Another way to prepare for bird poop is to regularly wash and polish your car. With waterless products, you have the ability to wash your car quickly, practically anytime and anywhere. No excuses! Another time-saver is that you clean, polish, seal, and protect your car in one application. By keeping your surface sealed and protected, you can reduce the amount of damage the droppings cause before you can clean them.


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